Aspen Gold: The Series

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On the surface, Spencer, Colorado is a quaint tourist town with inhabitants

who boast a proud heritage. Some local families even date back to the 1800s when France still held the territory.  Tough, ingenious pioneers built their lives in the majestic Rocky Mountains, including gambler William Spencer who in 1852 won land in the mountains at the poker table. Initially lured by the promise of prosperity, the founding residents learned early on that the only true wealth lies within the hearts of the people dear to them.

A few generations later, William’s shrewd great-great-grandson, Jakob Spencer, continued the family’s risk-taking tradition, building a retreat for the rich and famous— the Aspen Gold Lodge. After personal sacrifices and amassing a fortune, Jakob—like his great-great before him—learned that the only real treasure in life lies in the heart of a soulmate.  

Love blossoms amid Spencer town secrets, scheming, and suspense as each generation learns the lessons of the fathers in their own way.  Newcomers from all walks of life bring secrets and intrigue of their own, some seeking wealth—others safe haven. Come stay awhile, and catch a heart-warming happily ever after or two.


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