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Gorgeous Scars
Aspen Gold: The Series Book 14.

~The rodeo never prepared this cowboy for bodyguard duty~

Readers say...

5-Stars Wonderful story-line of rodeo-man meeting a runway beauty…

Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2021

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What a tremendous addition to this great Aspen Gold Series! The book keeps your attention from the first Chapter until The End. It’s an emotional trail of tears for a wounded soul as she holds onto life after being shot; the storyline of her recovery and meeting people who truly care about her not just her money; and, the angst of life when winning a championship in the rodeo world takes a tumble. I spent the day reading this wonderful story and never wanting to be taken away from Spencer, Colorado, and the people who live there. I loved the writing by this author and look forward to more books in this series.

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rodeo cowboy book boyfriend


Enchanted by the surprisingly kind and vulnerable woman, he can’t help but fall in love, patiently waiting until she catches up to the idea. However, it becomes clear that her celebrity lifestyle collides with his modest rodeo roots.


Landon would give his life for Harper, but does he love her enough to live in her world?


Supermodel Harper Inez has it all—until a bullet to the brain steals her old life. Worse, the NYPD’s top suspect is her fiancé, and she doesn’t dare to trust a soul. Hiding from the world, she flees to an exclusive mountain resort located near an equine-assisted therapy facility. When an engaging cowboy invites her to lunch, she surprises herself by accepting. 


Professional tie-down roper Landon Macek’s horse is injured, and his dream of a world championship is put on hold. While his mount recuperates, he takes a temp job training therapy horses. As a longtime Harper Inez fan, he’s followed her shooting in the news and is stunned to recognize their mysterious VIP patient traveling under heavy security. 


 Aspen Gold Series books

The making of Gorgeous Scars

The Characters~

Where in blazes did I get the idea of a supermodel and a cowboy?

A combination of things really—my ideas never come from dreams that I know of. I simply don’t recall dreams very often. However, for my day job, I’m an RN. Nurses are up close and personal with people from all walks of life in their darkest and most precious moments. Echoes of those emotions find their way into my stories. I suspect Gorgeous Scars' roots go back to my earliest days in healthcare. Some patients stay with you forever.


A woman came to us gravely injured from a gunshot wound. Her husband would later be convicted of trying to kill her for insurance money. Over the years, she still comes to mind now and then. I’d always wanted her to have the happy ending that fate denied her. She is without question the inspiration for Harper Inez. 


Inevitably, I would wonder what it would take to overcome such a devastating betrayal. Lifelong changes in her physical function would remind her every minute of every day of what he’d done—of what she’d lost. Possibly, a soulmate’s love could heal some of the emotional wounds and bring her joy. I can only hope my prayers were answered, and she found her own HEA.

Fast forward to the present day. My friend Lizzie Starr had a great idea for her Aspen Gold character Ryder Barlow to fulfill his lifelong dream of opening a hippotherapy camp. Conveniently, she placed an equine hospital on the same property. Because of other commitments, I hadn’t planned to write an Aspen Gold story. Then one morning around five a.m., these two storylines—Lizzie’s camp and my former patient— entwined in my head.


I mean, where else would a supermodel meet a cowboy?

The camp~

Hippotherapy has been around for a while. Some very knowledgeable professionals on the board of the American Hippotherapy Association provided a wish list for a hippotherapy facility. Stick Pony comes close. 

They also gave me a short tutorial on hippotherapy, and the before and after videos they shared left me rather impressed. 

Only a provider can advise if hippotherapy may be right for you or a loved one. However, it never hurts to ask. 

Check out the AHA site for more information.

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