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Yesterday's             Promise

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Aspen Gold Series' prequels

A high-stakes poker game, first meets, a dog rescue, loves lost and rekindled, and life-altering choices fill the history of Spencer, Colorado. Discover the challenges faced in these heartwarming stories crafted by the multi-author group who brings you romantic fiction at its finest in The Aspen Gold Series.

This collection includes:

The Card Game M.A.Jewell
Some Days Are Diamonds *lizzie starr
Ah, Venice Debra Hines
First Chance Donna Kaye
Racing Hearts Bernadette Jones
Rescue Me Cheryl St.John

I had a blast writing this story for Yesterday's Promise. 
I hope you enjoy it, too. 
M.A. Jewell

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A gambler stole Millie's life. Can a gambler has a plan. William.jpg

Millie Parsons’s gambling father brought ruin to her high-society family and then packed her off to the western territory for a want-ad wedding. Determined to take control of her destiny, she opts for the sporting life instead. However, being a soiled dove in a wilderness camp proves harder than she’d imagined. Worse, an engaging gold miner rekindles dreams for a family of her own. He’s also an accomplished poker player. She should know better.

Disinherited by his farming family, prospector William Spencer is saving for land of his own. One problem— he can’t resist the alluring saloon girl with the genteel manners. Mining in the mountains is a lonely business, after all. Often playing poker for another visit, he gives up his hard-earned gold to enjoy Miss Millie’s favors. He’s certain she has feelings for him, too. But she won’t even kiss him.


William risks everything for Milie, unaware that he risks losing her, too 1.jpg
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