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Who in the world decides to become a writer while waiting for grandchildren?

M.A. Jewell Romance Author  The Jaguar Queens and contributing author of theAspen Gold Series

 Me,  apparently. 


Now, I'm a grandmother (Gi-gi) and an author. 


I began adulting as a registered nurse, working in the operating room--and loved it.  However, a few years ago, I itched for a change.  Like many, I enjoyed reading and, at one time, had wanted to write fiction. So I picked up the pen to write in my favorite genre, romance. 





"The truly blessed among us find a hero or heroine of our own to love, and then we root for our children to do the same."
M.A. Jewell

It's never too late to chase a dream.

Go for yours!

Starting a new profession later in life

 is more exciting than I ever could’ve imagined. Essentially, I traded an addiction to reading for a dependence on writing.      

 After a couple years of hard work--and help from friends--in 2017 I published Jungle Rapture. Then a few months later, published Autumn Renewal. In March 2019,

Jungle Salvation debuted. 

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