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The Jaguar Queens series

For those who like their romance jungle hot.

Jungle Rapture Book I

*****Five Stars! *****

Wow. Just wow. I absolutely loved it! I can’t wait for the next book! I hope there is a next book!

By  Amazon Customer on May 23, 2017

Jungle Rapture (The Jaguar Queens Book 1)


Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase 

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An advocate for endangered species,  Kelsi Gorman travels to the Brazilian Amazon to investigate rumors of a mysterious black jaguar the size of a saber-toothed tiger. Instead, the enormous cat finds her knee-deep in mud, blood, and smugglers.


Jaime Salazar, one of a few surviving all-male jaguar shifters, encounters a scent he'd never thought to find –female jag shifter. Jag queens exist only in the elders' stories, but someone's staked out a she-cat like poacher bait.


In a fit of primal instinct, Jaime marks Kelsi as his mate. Now, no other female will arouse him. To avoid a long celibate life, he is forced to woo his reluctant mate to be. But first, he must keep her alive.

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