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Autumn Renewal
~A gripping romantic suspense for the horse lover.

Autumn Renewal book cover

Ever since Poochie left him behind ten years ago, horse trainer Jack Holland has carried a torch for her. He’d thought he finally adjusted to life without her until he finds her in his father’s bar and grill searching the internet for apartments. Jack can’t help but fall for her all over again. Pushing aside his fears of rejection, he vows to rekindle their unfulfilled love.

second chance romance western romance

 "A seriously sweet and well
written story. I devoured it
like it was dessert!"

Says Precious Gem
Katrina Chaney

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After operating room nurse Poochie Thibodeau discovers her surgeon fiancé cheating with her best friend, she’s forced to take a hard look at her priorities. Suddenly without housing, she returns to her not-so-well-loved hometown. Unfortunately, her ten-year class reunion has filled Monroe Falls with people she’d rather forget. Except one – her high school love. However, she’ll guard her freshly damaged heart no matter how much the past pulls at her.

thoroughbred horse trainer

Unfortunately, just when he thinks they may have a future, a customer's pending bankruptcy threatens Jack’s business. Risking all, he cuts a deal to gain a berth into the upper tier of thoroughbred horseracing. However, vicious betrayal sours his plan and thrusts him into an unsavory light. Devastated, Jack faces losing everything—his beloved career with horses, and the woman he loves. Jaded by infidelity and betrayal, will Jack and Poochie be able to forgive based on trust alone? 

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