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The Jaguar Queens series

For those who like their romance jungle hot.


Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2020

Verified Purchase

These storylines are full of excitement but are some of the most beautiful romantic love stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading! Thank you so much, M. A. Jewel for having the heart to write them!

Terry56 Amazon Customer

Jungle Salvation-complete.jpg
 Jaguar shifter sexy man heroine in peril

Ancient jaguar shifter Matteo D’Cruz snarls at an old friend who dares to invade his jungle territory. Another bleeding-heart ploy to drag him back into the human world. Cat form holds his loneliness at bay. Going feral doesn’t even worry him. Execution? Let them try. That is, until a taunting scent drifts on the air. An impossibility. A jag queen.

Free-spirited Dakota Gorman is on a serious mission to retrieve her sister from the Brazilian Amazon. Instead, she finds mind-blowing family secrets. Not to mention a sexy-as-hell guy with other-worldly copper eyes and spectacular ink. The rainforest just got steamier. His magnetic power vibe draws her as though her attraction is embedded in her DNA. Maybe it is.

Independent Dakota schools Matteo on the twenty-first century woman. Hopeful for the first time in decades, he embraces a future with the formidable female. In a cruel twist of fate, their intimacy nearly forces him back into cat form and onto shifter death row. Worse, a rogue military faction schemes to weaponize the shifters’ genetics. Matteo will protect his species and his queen. Failure is not an option.

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